Our Team


Create long term value for our investors, the assets we invest in, and the communities in which we work.

About ECH

Founded in 2015, ECH is a vertically integrated real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, development, and management of Single-Family (“SFR”) and Build-for-Rent (“BFR”) communities in the Phoenix Metro. Our strategy is aggregating and going long-term on institutional quality assets in locations that have strong underlying fundamentals to preserve and grow capital, while engineering lucrative tax strategy.

Jared Vidales


Jared Vidales leads the implementation of both short and long-term strategies to ensure the growth of Equity Connect, and overall returns for investors.
Prior to founding Equity Connect, he was a project engineer for Johnson Controls, managing the implementation of mechanical projects for the State of Arizona.

Danielle Crowell

CFO & Asset Management

Danielle brings over 10 years of real estate management, construction and finance expertise to Equity Connect. She oversees Equity Connect’s portfolio, focusing on performance of assets, reducing operating expenses, driving portfolio revenue, and implementing strategy for ancillary portfolio revenue.
Prior to founding Equity Connect, she ran operations for an international private equity fund focused on opportunistic acquisition of SFR in Arizona.

Andrew Brannick


Andrew leads the disposition strategy and ensures highest and best exit for all company assets. He builds and maintains relationships across various institutional buyers, and at times assists other groups dispose of their assets.

Investor Relations

Lauren Crowell

Acquisitions Director

Lauren oversees the acquisition of existing SFR assets. She underwrites to the Equity Connects various portfolio guidelines and ensures asset performance on acquisition.


Transactions & Property Management

Donna executes all purchase and sale transactions for Equity Connect. She also interfaces directly with all residents to ensure a seamless move-in experience.


Bookkeeper & Administration

Annalisa manages AR/AP for Equity Connect. She ensures all accounts are reconciled and accurate at both a project level, and at the investor level.

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