Investment Opportunities

Private Lending

Our private lending opportunities provide investors with a chance to earn safe and consistent income every month, making it an appealing alternative to traditional bond investments. As a private lender, you become the bank by lending money on real estate investments. You earn returns by charging interest on these loans, with high single-digit returns being common. Additionally, your investment is securely backed by physical real estate, protected through a mortgage, a promise to pay, and insurance. This style of investment is extremely safe, simple, and represents the most passive form of real estate investing. Its safety and reliability make it a popular choice, particularly for investments through retirement accounts, akin to the role traditionally played by bonds in a diversified portfolio.


Our equity investments give everyday investors a chance to partner on real estate deals, previously reserved for the ultra-wealthy. As an equity investor, you are truly a partner, sharing not only in the cash flows but also in the upside appreciation and tax benefits. Financial advisors recommend allocating 15-20% of your investment portfolio to these types of alternative investments. Your only job is to invest money while leveraging our years of connections and expertise to find profitable deals, manage construction, and operate assets.

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